The Molly Kool Award – 2023 Recipient
Cheryl Anderson

Over the past few years, Cheryl has been the creative force behind the delightful treats and desserts at the Octopus Garden Café. Her genuine love for baking shines through in the delicious products she makes.

Before joining the café, Cheryl dedicated eight years of her career to Albert County Homecare. During her tenure there, she provided invaluable assistance to many seniors in their home community, individuals she had known her whole life through working and volunteering.

For decades, she has been affectionately known as “the Girl Guide Lady” to generations of young Albert County women. At the grassroots level, Cheryl has passionately served as a Spark, Ember (Brownie), Guide, Pathfinder, and Ranger leader, often overseeing multiple units simultaneously. Her weekly meetings are thoughtfully designed to challenge young women in various domains, from arts and science to technology, life skills, citizenship, and careers. Moreover, she plans engaging outdoor activities that foster a connection with nature and impart vital outdoor skills.

Cheryl does not view herself as someone who actively “enriches the community fabric”, but those who know her understand the immense impact she has had. One of her favourite sayings is, “If you need something done, ask a busy person,” a sentiment her husband Ronnie echoes, with a “She never stops. There is always something on the go”. It’s remarkable how Cheryl manages to juggle so many responsibilities simultaneously. It’s truly inspiring.”

Molly Kool’s Legacy

Born in 1916, Molly Kool became the first licensed female Master Mariner (sea captain) on May 25, 1939. When asked of the significance of this event, she responded that it was the Great Depression, her father had a small vessel and she “needed a job”. Despite having the required sea time and passing all of her courses at navigation school in Yarmouth, she was delayed in receiving her masters since there was no “she” in the Canada Shipping Act.

This award is made possible thanks to the support and partnership of Resurgo Place and Armour Transport Systems.

Molly Kool Award Recipients

Cheryl Anderson (2023)

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